Comic 1350 - Barbecue

30th Jul 2020, 2:18 AM in Volume 6: Tetrapod Triumphant!
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DoctorGlasgow 30th Jul 2020, 2:18 AM edit delete
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Guest 30th Jul 2020, 3:04 AM edit delete reply
"No provincials will be allowed to grill at a Nord barbecue. They are to sit there and eat, as is tradition"
StLOrca 30th Jul 2020, 3:30 AM edit delete reply
It is known.
The Magnificent Z 30th Jul 2020, 10:40 AM edit delete reply
The Magnificent Z
Ain't gonna be no Kwama eggs at this buffet, I tell ya hwhat.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 3:50 AM edit delete reply
And so, soon, he‘ll be accepted in the council of dads as well. As is tradition for his kind.
The Council of Dads 31st Jul 2020, 5:28 AM edit delete reply
Entry without a child is like touching the thermostat.
Guest 18th May 2021, 9:25 AM edit delete reply
Who dares.
Phoenix In Crisis 30th Jul 2020, 4:10 AM edit delete reply
Phoenix In Crisis
Does Len have, um... "Daddy Issues"?!
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 4:25 AM edit delete reply
Not sure, but going by his shirt, the relationship with Key Manati's fish-women must be complicated.
Guest 29th Mar 2021, 10:32 AM edit delete reply
Pretty sure they do both when he takes off his pants
Guest 3rd Aug 2020, 2:04 PM edit delete reply
Yes and no? From what has been shown, Len's father is very 'new age' and so not your typical middle age Dad. Perhaps growing up she at some point longed for a typical meme Dad figure, desire that seems to have become a fetish for meme Dads.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 4:21 AM edit delete reply
Anyone else get Old Man Henderson vibes from Noah? He's got the beard and the build, but I guess he could also try the Gordon Freeman route. Different variety of crabs he'd likely come up against, but whatever... 😉
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 9:53 PM edit delete reply
Given how many Eldritch horrors Noah's been exposed to due to Len this statement could have more meat to it than you think.
Solarus 10th Aug 2020, 5:50 AM edit delete reply
Like Noah ;)
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 4:41 AM edit delete reply
Doc, I would absolutely throw more money at you than you'd expect if you make shirts like the one Noah is wearing.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 4:43 AM edit delete reply
Doc, what is up with Len? Is her fetish for stereotypical American white dads? Are her tastes so warped that her most intense fetishes have looped back around to vanilla?
Dust 30th Jul 2020, 4:44 AM edit delete reply
DoctorGlasgow 30th Jul 2020, 5:23 AM edit delete reply
She's got a thing for dads.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 11:30 PM edit delete reply
Are you going to make Noah a dad?
Pregnancy Expert #327 1st Aug 2020, 12:39 AM edit delete reply
If anyone in this comic has the capabilities of becoming pregnant, I am fairly sure they would have tenfold already.
Guest 1st Aug 2020, 1:45 AM edit delete reply
I dunno, the subject came up in multiple consecutive comics
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 5:04 AM edit delete reply
Everyone thinks Len’s reaction is some weird kink, but in reality she’s just happy to see Noah smiling
Blurth 30th Jul 2020, 5:43 AM edit delete reply
He now sells Beef and Beef accessories
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 5:49 AM edit delete reply
Doc has established this in the past. Someone help me out with the strip number but Len has a fetish for when Noah acts like a "dad" noises and all.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 7:15 AM edit delete reply
Comic 1236
yeet 30th Jul 2020, 7:04 AM edit delete reply
len honey calm down yes we all are thinking the exact same thing but you are going to have a seizure.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 8:16 AM edit delete reply
Is it me or have past comments been deleted from older strips
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 11:02 AM edit delete reply
Nah, this comic wasn't hosted here for about 1000 pages. The old comics were brought over from the old site, but the comments were not.
Guest 1st Aug 2020, 3:51 PM edit delete reply
All those comments will be lost in time, like tears in rain...
King 30th Jul 2020, 10:43 AM edit delete reply
All I can hear when I see Noah at the grill, is Fortunate Son playing.
And I don’t know why
Alpharie 30th Jul 2020, 2:14 PM edit delete reply
You know, I'm kinda surprised more characters don't have tattoos besides Noah and Izzy. As an artist, I totally understand why. But, I honestly expected Len to have a lot more weird tats. Maybe she's just not into getting them, or there's some conspiracy theory that prevents her sweet crazy self from getting one.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 2:52 PM edit delete reply
Those aren't tats, they're scars from being shot.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 3:44 PM edit delete reply
Well, technically, Izzy got shot by Venus, and Noah got stabbed from the jellyfish-woman.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 3:45 PM edit delete reply
Then tattoos were put on top of the scars
Invisiguest 1st Aug 2020, 4:04 PM edit delete reply
Len's tattoos aren't visible to the normal eye.
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 2:15 PM edit delete reply
Holy crap, imagine the butt stuff that could be achieved with Lens tongue.
oh right 30th Jul 2020, 2:20 PM edit delete reply
I forgot that len is SUPER INTO dads.
Candy2021 30th Jul 2020, 3:30 PM edit delete reply
At first I thought Len was just SUPER into grilling, ever since Noah introduced her to the pleasures of medium rare meat.... but then I forgot about her also being super into Dads. I also love Hashims face! this is a great page!
Guest 30th Jul 2020, 3:38 PM edit delete reply
Ha! Nice Venture Bros. reference.
Guest 31st Jul 2020, 2:47 AM edit delete reply
Sooo my dad's side of the family (usually just him and me though at these things) is white as white can be, Carolina country boys. My stepfamily is all hispanic (mexican descent.) If there's one thing I've learned is A. Hashim made the right choice today and B. my step family's just as big on "Bitch I'm going to grill back off I got this" as we are, although not sure if that's a "them" thing or a "hispanic" thing if that makes sense. We had to make a truce... the person who's idea it was to grill got to do the grilling. Unless it's briskit, we let them do it because we're honest about it and my step brother-in-law and both step brothers and step sister all have better briskit then me or my dad do by faaar. I have better sauce though.
TheOneEnnui 9th Sep 2020, 5:23 PM edit delete reply
Like I get we've seen her nekkid, I get we've seen everything with this jiminy christmas of a Series. But, I feel like, this is a thing I need to basically have everything in this comic. or did I miss it somewhere? I NEED DUMMY THICC IZZY THONG ASS. *Ahem* But also dat Cow Print Bikini is very FLoridian. This Madman approves.
TumblingLucky 15th Dec 2020, 10:58 PM edit delete reply
That shirt, Nisshibros!
Kae 27th Feb 2021, 6:33 AM edit delete reply
I missed the Kickstarter and I also missed book 3, is there a restock date I can mark on my calendar possibly coming up?
anonymous 2 2nd Oct 2021, 8:53 PM edit delete reply
and Len's approaching 29, the age which she will remain for the rest of her life. I find it hilariously ironic how turned on she is by the white dad stereotype though, they'd make the most interesting parents